Masopust in England

The Masopust Festival!


In 1S we looked at the festival of Masopust which takes place in the Czech Republic every year.

Mrs Steer showed us some pictures from this year’s festival on the Comenius blog; we thought the people dressed up were very funny looking!

Mrs Steer also showed us her pictures of when she went to the festival. We laughed at her in her funny scarecrow trousers! She told us about all the yummy doughnut type cakes she was given and also the plum brandy, which apparently was very strong and kept her, Mrs Vallance and Miss Holgate nice and warm!

We found out that people often dress up and make masks, so we had a go at designing our own ones. We also made some posters to go up on the wall.

We really enjoyed looking at the other schools on the website and we talked about what it must be like to be part of those schools. Mrs Steer showed us pictures of the Czech school and the Italian school that she visited; we thought they both looked very different to our own school!

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