One more adventure of Paddington...

While walking around the school Paddington Bear meets the patron of the school Marshall Joseph Pilsudski - our national hero who fought for independence of Poland. This "adventure" takes place in the school hall.

Paddington Bear's writing a letter

Today our very welcome guest Paddington Bear have decided to write his first letter home. He's been staying in our school for more than one month so far and he's experienced a lot of different things here. The pupils of one class drew pictures of him, others composed the song about him(based on the music from "gummy bear"), the youngest ones took him to the classroom and learned English together...... oh, not only to the classroom- they danced with him in a gym!
But he misses a lot his friends and "care takers" in England....
So, finally, he decided to write home!!!

Paddington Bear at St. Andrew's Party

Traditionally the children in our school have parties dedicated to St. Andrew's Day. According to the calendar we celebrate St. Andrew's Day on 30 November but the parties are organized earlier, this year it was on 24 November. It's very merry and joyful festival with dances, music, songs, games, fortune telling and snacks, of course. Our special guest from England, Paddington Bear, had a lot of fun with kids. If you don't believe, you can see this yourself!
How do you think, is he a good dancer?
Children are very nice to him and take good care!!!


Visiting the town library.

Every year all our students visit the library "Isidor Cònsul". There is an exhibition, "Fantastic lands" is called this year, related with Catalan literature.
Faustina really enjoyed it!


Children in Need Day

Hello from England! On Friday it was 'Children in Need' day. We all came to school dressed in our own clothes ( we normally wear school uniform) and bought 'Pudsey Pizzas' to raise money for children around the world. We raised £720!


School trip to Barcelona.

Greetings from Targu-Jiu, Romania


Haloween with Merlin in Romania

Photos from Italy

Hello, everybody,

we have posted some photos from our visit in Italy. There is a link. We hope you will like them.

Have a good time.



Hi, my dear friends,

I am in Czech Republic, in a village called Lobodice. I spent a really good time in school and the kindergarden too. Pupils and teachers are very kind and I´ve met a lot of new friends. We are preparing yours February visit together and it seems to be great.

Looking forward to see you soon.



Greetings from Bulgaria!

Dear all!
Here I am in Bulgaria. All the students and teachers at 1. OU "Nikola Vaptsarov" met me warmly. I enjoy visiting all the classes. We study together, have fun together and I`ve already made a lot of new friends.
Students held variable and interesting activities. They organised a Halloween party. We have wonderful photos. They`ll post them soon.
Now we are making a Christmas decoration and I help them.
Hope all the pets were welcome and they have a great time with their new friends!


Greetings from Romania!

Merlin,our Czech guest pet, is having a wonderful time in Romania.Our pupils loved it very much and they are taking good care of him.We had a Halloween party last week in our school and Merlin had a lot of fun there.We are going to post some photos from the party soon.

Lo Marraco says hello!

Lo Marraco is having such a wonderful time in England ( even though it hasn't stopped raining since he arrived!) He has been very busy visiting all the classes around school and the children are taking good care of him. He even helped with our Guy Fawkes celebrations last week and joined a year4 class making their 'Guy'!


Making quince jelly.

Faustina helped our P5 and their teachers to make quince. Tasty!

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Lobodice - Our School

There is how does our school look like. We have two classes and five grades. We have about 20 pupils every year in average. 



Paddington Bear is having a lovely time in Poland, children loved it very much. He's moving around the school from class to class. Children take very good care of him even better than at Browns'.