Istituto Comprensivo di Bienno
Our comprehensive Institute of nursery, primary and secondary school takes care of educational needs of about 660 students aged from 3 to 13 years. It provides three councils with its formative offer in a disadvantaged mountain area, with a high percentage of immigrants and foreign pupils. Some of the students require more specific care and special needs. The school staff and the 60 teachers involved are promoting a longlife planning about physical, emotional and intellectual skills that help the students to become aware of their abilities in order to reach wellness and a satisfactory way of living. We espect that joining to a Multilateral Comenius Project can help us to overcome our geographical and mental borders, to share culture and traditions, compare teaching methods in terms of professional enrichment, to get decision- making competences, also developing ICT activities that allow to the news about european education to circulate faster and easier. That makes more interesting and involving the intercultural aspect of the teaching-learning process.