„Constantin Savoiu” School lies in the heart of our town-Tg-Jiu-and it’s an „enlighten world” for children aged 6-15. The school has 1140 students and 70 teachers. Our school is a famous institution in Gorj County being highly appreciated by the community. Our school work means the continuation of a tradition, a strong concern for upgrading the educational and teaching approach, developing an organizational culture based on value, motivation and competition.The European educational trend constantly raised the number of teachers participating in Comenius training courses and projects. Our school took part in European projects, as follows: 2003-2007 Comenius Project, eTwinning, Spring Day, Learn about Forests, Junior Achievement.

VISION: "Our future depends on what our students will be able to do in the future." Our school focuses on the students as future adults, each of them being original, unique, emphasizing the idea that in every society there are different people, different reasons and points of view. We open opportunities to stimulate situations, flexible and varied in terms of learning perspectives.

SCHOOL MOTTO: It's easy to learn to walk; more important is where you're heading to. We, together with your family, will guide you to success and fulfillment, because YOU represent US /are US.

OUR MISSION: ,, It's not enough to know, you should apply, it’s not enough to wish, you should also do "JWGoethe. “Constantin Savoiu” School assumes the mission to foster children's enthusiasm to learn, the freedom of expression and movement, the sense of initiative and competition, of affirmation, of knowledge and principledness.