Escola Valeri Serra


Escola Valeri Serra is a state school for children aged 3-12 years. The school has 285 pupils and 24 teachers. It is located in Bellpuig, a small town in a rural area 120 km west from Barcelona.

The school develops projects aimed to improve reading skills, increase physical activity through sports and protect the environment.

It is also very important for us to:
. help our pupils to build on the idea of our European citizenship.
. improve their competence in another European language, English in this case.
. be aware of other European languages.
. improve their ICT skills.
. use them as a real way of communication.

In order to achieve these aims our school has been participating in different language projects for a long time:  Orator (2003-2005), PELE (2005-2008) (2008-2011).  We participated in a Comenius Multilateral Partnership (2007-2009), too.
Participation in a new Comenius project would enable our children to promote their knowledge and experiences whilst interacting and learning from children of other European Countries.

Below, you can see some pictures from our school: