Szkola Podstawowa in Horyniec-Zdroj
Our village is situated in the east of Poland near the border on Ukraine. This area is beautiful, rich in sulphur water used for resort treatment and ecologically clean but disadvantaged taking into consideration socioeconomic factors. The people from our area face serious problems  of unemployment and low payable job.  There are many families characterized by working migration of one or both parents and children are left with the guardians (mostly grandparents). 35% of our pupils commute to school from nearby villages. A lot of our pupils come from the families of the  former collective farm workers. Under school roof we have  children from different social groups and those with special educational needs as well, so the  individualization of  learning process is widely applied by our school staff. 
Participation in the project will allow us: to understand the identity of EU citizen, to be open to other cultures and people, to improve competence of reading and writing in English through traditional correspondence, e-mail and chatting as well as private contacts during pupils mobilities (speech practice), to spread the practical knowledge on successful using of ICT for gaining the aims described in the project .
We want to give equal educational chances to the children from different social environments and create the opportunities for “attractive” learning using the recent computer and information achievements. We want to show our pupils that in the whole world, in different cultures, there are children at their age with the same aspirations, passions, interests and needs. We expect our kids to share their knowledge, experiences and feelings with their partners.