Bulgaria: Marto
Marto is a stork handmade by our Bulgarian partners.

Catalonia: Lo Marraco
The word Marraco comes from the Basque language and it means simply dragon. This dragon is a totemic animal of Lleida. We know about its existence in the 5th century B. C.  As a mythological animal it has a free representation.

For the ancient Ilergetians this animal was the representation of their god, its symbol. The chiefs were considerated sons of God. “Lo Marraco” was their spiritual father. In the Middle Ages, the figure of a monstrous animal, with the form of a dragon, took part in the Corpus processions.The current representation was constructed in 1957 and it presides all the popular celebrations in the city of Lleida.

Czech Republic: Merlin
Merlin is a friendly dog from Czech Republic.

England: Paddington Bear
Paddington Bear is an English bear ready to start travelling around Europe.

Italy: Faustina
Faustina is a mountain blond goat of  a typical breed of Valcamonica valley. She took her name from the Patron Saint Faustino.

Poland: Tusia
Tusia is a squirrel. This beautiful furry animal lives in the park and forests not far away from the school.

Romania: Martinel
Martinel is a brown bear from the mountains of Romania.