"Here we are" will introduce ourselves, our schools, local and national communities and festivals to our partners and to the world through a CLIL approach. It will involve seven schools. We will share our school lives all along the project.  We will build up a shared blog, with our own logo, where we will upload the activities going on on our schools, not only related with the project, at least once a fortnight. The toy school pets will visit all the schools during the project sending postcards home. The first school year will be dedicated to know our schools: how we are like, who we are, where we are from and how do we work. The second school year  will be dedicated to celebrate a traditional festival from each country: Guy Fawkes, St Niklas, Santa Lucia, Masopust,  Dragobete, Baba Marta, Sant Jordi, and to write a collaborative story together: A Tale Salad.
Activities have been selected to enable the participation of all pupils regardless of age, ability, nationality and gender.
Activities will be incorporated within the existing curriculum and will include literacy, foreign languages, art and design, social science and ICT. 
All schools are committed to providing children with the skills required for lifelong learning. We believe that participation in the Comenius project will enhance the children’s overall educational experience whilst affording the staff opportunity to progress in their own professional development.