DENIP 2012

We celebrate the School Day of Non-Violence and Peace, DENIP, commemorating  Mahatma Gandhi's death anniversary on 30th January.

Different activities from storytelling to handcrafts have been conducted by our oldest pupils.


Our new school mini bus

We were all very excited last week when we finally got our new school minibus, especially Mr Kingston! We have already used it to take the children on lots of trips out of school, such as to Sheffield for a national science quiz and football tournaments! Don't you think it looks good?

Lo Marraco in Scotland

Here is Lo Marraco in Scotland! He was lucky to spend the Christmas holidays with the Vallance family and they went to Edinburgh for the New Year celebrations of Hogmany. He tasted Haggis and watched the fireworks on New Year's Eve! He even got to visit Edinburgh castle and met a traditional Scottish piper who was playing the bagpipes! He had a fabulous time but it was a bit colder than Catalonia. We hope you liked his postcard that he sent home!


The most well kept secrets of...

On Fridays the family of one of our P·3 pupils come to school to tell the other children in the class something about the child. The visits are very interesting and the children enjoy them a lot. In one of these visits Faustina learned how to spell her name in Chinese.

Merlin celebrates Christmas in Romania


Paddington celebrates Christmas in Poland

Christmas holidays have gone into the past but Paddington still has sweet memories of them . He participated in the solemn school meeting in the school gym and watched the Christmas play and sang carols with the whole school. And furthermore he had a real Christmas in Polish family. So, now he knows what Polish Christmas traditions are!!!

 (The post publication is delayed due to the problems with blog account).

A Poem_Bulgaria


Christmas Holidays with Faustina

Christmas Traditions at school.

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Christmas Celebrations

Here we are celebrating Christmas during our traditional Christmas party and dinner!

The year 3 and 4 children put on a play called 'Children Around The World' for the parents and had great fun learning songs from other countries, including Poland!

We hope you all had a super Christmas!

Christmas Advent Calendar Competition

Just before Christmas we held a competition in school to see who could make the best Advent Calendars to give to our Comenius partners next year.

Children from across the school entered and Lo Marraco helped pick the six winners!

He had a tough time trying to decide who would win as they were all so good- but here are the winners!

Sherwell Valley School PPT

Here is our school powerpoint


Christmas Holidays

Roger, Ariadna and Maria invited Faustina to spend their Christmas Holidays with them.  She was delighted!