Martinel in Poland

On 15th January we had meeting in the gym . We gathered there farewell janitor Mr.Franek.He worked in our school very long.Children liked him very much . We will miss him . :)
Martinel was with us!!!!


I love my pets :)

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Masopust Workbook

Dear friends,

here you can download our workbook about Masopust where you can find a simple characteristic, typical traditions, video and do-it-yourself mask which you can prepare at school. Please, let us know, if you will have some problems with downloading.

Enjoy the time of Masopust which has just began.


Welcome to 5.b class

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Christmas show and Martinel

Before Christmas holiday break the pupils had the meeting in the school gym. The headteacher wished all teachers, pupils and parents Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, shared the wafer and invited all to watch the Christmas show prepared by the pupils of the second grade.


Saint Nick's football tournament and Martinel

One more event which happened on 8th December in our school was Saint Nick's football tournament. The pupils of five primary schools from our district took part in it. There were two teams from our school and they showed a good game. So they won the second and the third prize. Martinel cheered for two our teams and even chose the Cup for our boys in the very beginning of the tournament - the biggest one, of course. Unfortunately the first prize and the biggest Cup went to the school team of the boys from the neighbouring commune Basznia Dolna.


Christmas Dinner at school

School Christmas Dinner

In England, Christmas dinner is a big tradition and as well as having it on Christmas day, children also have a special dinner at school. They have roast turkey, roast potatoes, vegetables and sausages wrapped in bacon. They also have Christmas pudding or a special cake. The best bit of the dinner though are the crackers that children pull and inside are hats a gift and a joke!

Merlin enjoyed his Christmas dinner too!

Xmas Displays in England

This year, each class in Years 4 and 5 decided to find out about Christmas in each of the Comenius countries and made a display outside their classrooms. The children enjoyed discovering more about each of the country's traditions and how they celebrate Christmas.

 Year 4 found out all about Christmas in Italy, Poland and Catalonia

Year 5 classes found out about Christmas in Romania, Czech Republic and Bulgaria

Merlin making Xmas cakes

Merlin enjoyed helping to roll out the icing! I hope he's washed his paws.

The cakes are finished with Christmas decorations and a label is put on.

The cakes are wrapped ready to go home - No, you can't eat them Merlin!

Merlin helped the children make traditional Christmas cakes that the children make and decorate to take home as presents for their parents. Some children leave these cakes out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve.