Visiting the Town Hall.

Mr Salvador Bonjoch, the Major of Bellpuig, and part of his team with the Comenius group. Thank you very much for your warm welcome!


Farewell Paddington Bear!

Paddington Bear is ready to go home. Meanwhile he likes being at the school library reading books about Sant Jordi. There are so many of them!

Good-bye, Merlin

Our last day with Merlin... The weather sunny, children happy and Merlin with them.

Tusia's Visit to England

Farewell Tusia!
We have really enjoyed having Tusia at our school and she has been extremely busy visiting each of the classes and joining in with the activities going on. Here are some of the pictures that we have taken of her.

Bellpuig Comenius Multilateral Project Meeting

Everything is ready in Bellpuig to host the last meeting of this Comenius Multilateral Project and celebrate Sant Jordi with our partners.
Welcome to our school!



Marto visite the Jiu Defile National Park

     Last Wednesday, during the" another kind of school" week, our pupils visited the Jiu Defile National Park. Marto joined them gladly. There they found out about the flora and fauna of this protected area, the rules of a good behaviour when being in such a place.The organizers gave them special T-shirts and caps and the students offered them some drawings. It was a nice and useful day for everybody.


Merlin at the school meeting.

We have regular school meetings in the gym during the school year. The headteacher summarises different school events and contests, hand awards, announce school news and inform about incoming events  at such meetings. Merlin was present at the meeting too.