Christmas School Trip

We had an amazing trip to the Wallachian Nature Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, where we met Saint Nicholas with his company or Saint Lucy. Saint Lucia caressed each children with white feather to be healthy and good. 

Christmas Party in Lobodice

Each year we prepare children Christmas performance for parents and neighbors. We play Christmas performance, sell home - made ​​Christmas gifts and decorations, singing carols and taste local sweets. It is a beautiful time of the year for everyone. 


Tusia and the Christmas forest

Tusia was missing the beautiful forests around Horyniec-Zroj and our Year 1 and 2 pupils decided to make a Christmas forest for her.


Celebrating Santa Lucia in England

St Lucy in Class 3H

In Class 3H we have been learning about the festival of St Lucy which they celebrate in Italy. We had great fun listening to the story and making biscuits. We also coloured pictures of St Lucy. It was really interesting to learn all about her and look at photos of the celebrations (and of course, we especially enjoyed eating the bisuits!)


Saint Andrew's party in Poland.

Traditionally before Saint Andrew's Day (it's celebrated on 30 November) the pupils of our school have Saint Andrew's parties. This year it was on 28 November. The kids had a lot of fun. And Martinel spent this day in different classes and took part in various activities.

The Independence Day in Poland and Martinel

On 11 November our school and the whole Poland celebrated a very important holiday –  the Independence day .
Children gathered in front of  the monument to the patron of our school and they had  a patriotic solemn meeting .

 After the meeting outside the school, we moved to the school gym. We had a patriotic performance and the knowledge contest of the pupils of the 6th grade.

Romanian bear Martinel was with us all the time.