Lobodice Here we are Brochure

Information brochure about out village Lobodice and Haná region. Read about our history and nature! 


Comenius visit in Czech Republic

Greetings from Lobodice!

The seven schools involved in the Comenius Project are celebrating our 2nd meeting in Lobodice, Czech Republic.

We're enjoying our work with all the partner schools. Also children from Bulgaria and Poland are assisting the meeting and sharing the European atmosphere of this programme.

Here you have the group photo!


Making a nest for Marto

Children ask Marto how is he in Bienno. Marto answers it's very well, but it needs a nest. Storks use to build their nests on roofs, trees and chimneys. They rarely build their nests in low places. Children are already making a chimney and a nest. Then kids ask Marto where its husband is, and Marto replies it's in Africa, in a warmer place than here. When Marto will go back to Bulgaria, they're going to meet each other again and lay eggs, from which little storks will come out. Marto gives the children some news about Bulgaria and shows where Italy and Bulgaria are on a map of Europe.

Marto's arrival

Children are waiting for someone or something to visit them: it's Marto. They're very surprised when they see it and say that it's only a puppet. It isn't a real stork, it's a toy pet. Marto says hello to the children and tells them it is a magic stork. It didn't come from Bulgaria by flying on its own, but travelling with a teacher. In Bulgaria it used to live in a nest on the school's chimney. It came here to know Italian children and let them know about Bulgaria. Children remember they have been hearding about it by their sisters and brothers attending primary school, as they said it came there before. They're very happy it's here now and it's going to become their friend.

Bellpuig Leaflet

Our years 3 and 4 have been working on our Leaflet. Take a look on it and you'll find the most interesting places in our village.


One unusual guest...

It`s not only that. They started inviting Martinel to their homes. Students are realy excited meeting their unusual quest at home. They share their rooms do all the activities and make fun together. Amazing.
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Martinel is so popular in Bulgaria.

Martinel is so popular at school. Students from 4.b grade brought to school their favourite pet toys. They met Martinel with them and left their pets stay with him. Clever.

Hello from Bulgaria!

Police officers from the local police station visit us regularly. Last meeting was about prevention from violence and agression at school. Police officers kindly answered all the questions. Useful and interesting.


Acrosport session with Faustina.

Faustina shared an acrosport session with Year 6. She loved it!


China Assembly

Children in Year 3 have been celebrating Chinese New Year this week and here they putting on a play about the story. They made a dragon and performed a Dragon Dance too!


Marto's life in Bienno's kindergarten


After learning lots of facts about Mozart, our P-3, P-4 and P-5 have been to Barcelona on a school trip. They visited l'Auditori and Gaudí's Parc Güell. Faustina enjoyed the dragon!

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A day in my life - Valeri Serra 1

Here you have our first video about how is a typical day in the life of our Catalan students. Enjoy!