Merlin's visit at the library

Last week, our Czech guest, Merlin visited the children's library together with the year 4 pupils(9-10 year olds. They recited poems and sang Christmas carols and Merlin listened very carefully. They all had a wonderful time there!


Paddington in Poland

On December 6 the children in Poland have a lot of fun and happiness. It's Saint Nickolas Day. St. Nick (as Santa Claus for British kids) brings presents for children, especially for those who aren't naughty. Paddington also got a present- a jar of jam.

Paddington in Poland

Now it's winter, snow on the ground, a bit frosty outside, ....... and Christmas atmosphere around. But our special guest from England, Paddington Bear, have sweet memories of autumn time. Look at him!



The students of "C-tin Savoiu"School organized a Christmas card exhibition. Our Czech guest,the toy-dog Merlin, was there, too. The cards made of paper were bought by students,parents and teachers involved in the Comenius project. The money the students earned by selling the cards was donated to SOS-Gorj Children,a noprofit organization which helps children with mental and motory deficiency. Thus, our students and Merlin offered a big smile to other children on Christmas.


Christmas in Catalonia.

Faustina has been to Eva, Maite and Sandra's home to help them to prepare Christmas. They decorated the house, the Christmas tree, the Pessebre... But she liked best the Tió, a Christmas log that gives sweets and little presents to children on Christmas Eve. Faustina also wrote a letter to the Three Wise Men who give presents to children and grown-ups on 6th January.


Romania's National Day

On 1st December we celebrate Romania's National Day.This year our pupils together with our Czech guest,Merlin, presented a show of music and poetry.They wore traditional costumes,sang songs and evoked moments of Romanian history.Merlin participated with them and received information about these important moments and also about our Romanian costumes.


Year 3 Trip to Powderham Castle

Yesterday Lo Marraco went on a day trip to a castle with the Year 3 children (7-8 year olds). He had a fabulous time even though it rained all day. He did get a bit wet playing in the play area (he wasn't the only one who got wet!) but he enjoyed hearing the ghost stories about the castle!