Farewell Merlin


Farewell Merlin!
IT with Year 5

Story time with Year3

Reading with Year 1

Choosing a book with Year 2

PE with Year 2

Investigating with Reception class

Painting with Reception Class

Merlin especially enjoyed dressing up!

Orienteering with Year 4
Merlin has had a fabulous time in school in England. He has joined in with lots of different classes and lessons, he can speak fluent English now! Thank you for visiting us Merlin, we hope you've enjoyed it in England.


MASOPUST in Scoala Constantin Savoiu

Masopust 2013 in Lobodice

Dragobete in Escola Valeri Serra

Legend of the Martenitsa, Denitsa Ignatova, 5.b

Dragobete in Bellpuig.

Happy Dragobete`s Day!

Special day in Bulgaria


International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day, 21 February 2013

 Our school celebrated this year’s International Mother Language Day on 21 February. It is a Day for celebrating all mother tongues. Our pupils recited poems and sang songs in different languages. We also had a display inside our school about International Mother Language Day.


Merlin meets the penguins!!

Merlin has been extremely busy and has been visiting all the classes throughout the school. This week he also got to go on the Year 4 school trip to a seaside zoo in Torquay. He saw lots of different animals and got to feed the penguins too!


Watch out Merlin!