Marto in Poland. Greetings from Marto!

It's autumn here and all storks have already left our village. And we have one, not real ,but very nice and handsome. So the pupils take care of him, play with him, take him with them when go outside the school, draw him. In the photos below you can see Marto with the pupils of so called 0 grade (they are the youngest ones- 5 or 6 years old) in the local forest (a kind of arboretum). Even the forester was glad to meet Marto.

Getting on the bus with Marto. The children are surprised
"Oh, Marto will accompany us!"

Girls look happy because Marto is sitting on the same seat.
And Marto too.

The forester with the stork Marto.

These two in the foreground look fantastic: the boy- happy and
 Marto-proud. But Marto wants to say: "Be careful of my wing!" 

Yes..... it was very intersting lesson in the forest!
 And Marto feels a little tired and hungry.... no frogs.

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